Monitoring of the shipment

Taking care of constant technological development, we’ve introduced modern hi-quality telematics system, supporting our transport and logistics management. This system consists of: advanced software, available for all users within our organization, and multi-function board computers installed in the trucks.

Software used by our company enables us - in real time - full control of order status, starting from receiving the freight (order, package), till completing the order (delivering to final receiver of the freight). Full integration with on-board tachograph and digital map, allows for precise determining estimated time of delivery. Due to integration of orders with digital map and truck navigation, all forwarders set optimal route for each truck, in terms of time, cost and safety.

Process automation reduces time and costs related with administration work, as well as minimizes risk of mistakes in comparison to „traditional” way of working.

Our telematics system includes also a scanner, which enables scanning and transmitting the freight documents to forwarding department in real time.

„Driving style assistant” through control over driving technic, influences reducing fuel consumption, and increases driving safety, which both, at the end, are factors affecting decrease of costs for our Customers.
Fleet management system is a next evolutionary step, which aim is increase of efficiency of our work, enhancing its quality at the same time.

Fleet management system enables our Customers:

  • monitoring the shipment 24h/7days a week
  • supervise following statuses: arriving to loading /unloading destination; loading and unloading the goods
  • precise determining of estimated time of delivery