Facing new challenges, we focus on human resources. Employees are our valuable asset. For this reason, we invest continuously in this capital and its individual development, offering independent work, clear company policies and internal and external trainings. Our employees are highly motivated and competent, because they identify themselves with our company. Most of them are with us for years, which gives us an advantage in the service industry, in which the human factor is particular importance affecting directly the quality of services and the corporate image.

We operate in such an economic sector, whose impact is not indifferent to the environment. We are aware of that and do our business in compliance with the CSR standards. We undertake investment and organizational activities which are aimed at reducing the negative side effects of our operations.

Environmental protection is one of the major causes of our investment in modern means of transport that meet strict environmental standards EURO 5 and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle). Trainings improving driving technique and increasing the safety of our drivers ensure the minimization of fuel consumption and reduce harmful exhaust emissions. We signed a multiyear contract with PKN Orlen to ensure supplies of fuel with the lowest sulphur content. Meanwhile one of our technical department’s objectives is making sure to recycle the exploitation materials for our vehicles.