We have at our disposal a fleet of nearly one hundred trucks. Our fleet consists of road tractors and curtain side trailers. Each trailer has the capacity of 34 euro pallets, offers the possibility of loading from the back, side and top. Trailers loading capacity ranges from 99 - 102 m3 with the following dimensions: L - 13.62, W - 2.50 (standard), H 2.90 - 3.00. Regardless of the inner height of the trailers ready to go, there is the possibility of lifting the roof with hydraulic devices by about 50 cm in order to improve the convenience of loading /unloading. Many of the trailers are adjusted to carry various types of machinery and devices, whose width exceeds 2.50 meters (BDE - Back Door Extension).

Loading from the rear

Loading from the top

Loading from the side

All trailers are comprehensively equipped with systems which ensure active and passive safety of the driver, other road users and the shipment. The safety precautions include appropriate electronic components mounted in trailers, as well as special wall and frame reinforcements (XL certificate in compliance with the EN 12642 standard).